• What type of window covering is best

    No matter how beautiful the view outside our home is, sometimes we need to cover the windows to protect our privacy or to stop sunlight from reaching the inside of the room. There many types of window coverings so it may be difficult to choose the one right for your home because various types have various capabilities. You need to think not only about the coverings’ design but also make sure that it’s going to fit in the room you want to put them in.

    Curtains and drapes

    I put curtains and drapes together because they are very similar to each other save for one distinct quality. Both are made from a single piece of fabric but the drapes are lined. Drapes often use a much thicker material than curtains so they provide more shade but curtains, however, are more lightweight.

    Curtains and drapes come in a variety of width, length, and colors so it shouldn’t be difficult to find ones that will much your room. They are usually sold in pairs and hang on a rod that is attached to the wall above the windows. The rod can be of simple build or decorative. You can find many accessories for drapes and windows such as rings or clasps that can be used both for decoration and to tie back the material when the window doesn’t have to stay covered all the way.


    Blinds are made from narrow pieces of vinyl, aluminum, or even wood and bamboo that are hanged horizontally from a rail at the top of the window. You open them and close them by twisting the attached rod. That means that you don’t need to lift them to let in the light. If you need to open the window underneath the blinds than just pull on the cord hanging by the side.

    The slats are available in different widths but the standard ones are ½ inch or 1 inch. They are called mini blinds. They can be easily installed by anyone with a drill. You just need to attach special mini blind brackets to the wall, secure the rail to the brackets, and hang the blinds. Blinds are very good at blocking out sunlight.


    Shades are a type of window covering that hangs from a roller at the top. As you lift them by pulling on a special cord, the shades roll onto the roller. They come in many different styles, from simple shades consisting of one type of material to Roman-style shades that stack together when opened.

    Many designs means many options to choose from so, like with curtains, it will be easy to find something to match your style. Depending on the fabric used, shades can be see-through or even so thick that they provide the blackout effect.

    Also, think of the type of the room. For example, for covering bedroom windows something like heavy drapes or blinds will be better so that you can get a good night’s sleep in total darkness. Any type of window covering can serve also as decoration. Consider both the look and the usefulness before deciding to make a purchase.

  • The Three Best Sleeping Headphones of 2018

    Having trouble going to sleep? Well, there’s no doubt that music can help create a calm and restful environment but very often regular headphones just don’t seem to do the job. Sleeping headphones are ideal as they’re small, comfortable and offer excellent sound quality. Let’s take a look at three of the best products currently in the market.

    Bedphones Gen. 3.5

    Bedphones Gen

    Created by DubsLabs and priced at $59.95, Bedphones weigh in at about 3/4 of an ounce which makes them super light. Each speaker is only about 1/4” thick so it’s easy to forget you’re actually wearing one. The earhooks are adjustable as they’re made from soft rubber-coated memory wire. You can either wear the cable from the front or the back of your neck based on your comfort factor.

    There’s a remote with a single button on the inline microphone which is very handy when it comes to answering calls or adjusting your music. You could also download the Bedphones mobile app on Android or iOS. It comes with a smart mode which stops the music when you fall asleep. The wired version comes in black and blue but the wireless version is available only in black. You’ll also get a durable travel case, a comfortable satin eye mask and a one year warranty.


    Created by AcousticSheep and priced at $99.95, SleepPhones were designed by a physician and are known to be natural and safe. The product has a soft washable headband which encloses ultra-slim headphones that offer lead-free eco-friendly electronics. It won’t fall off your ears in the middle of the night so you’re ensured of uninterrupted sleep. The speakers offer good sound quality and can be adjusted to fit the shape of your head.

    You can also pair the headphones with a Bluetooth enabled device. There are different sizes from extra small to extra large and the material is extremely lightweight and cool. The company also offers their own SheepCloud™ fleece. Even though it comes at a higher price the wireless version gives you a battery life of up to 10 to 13 hours. The great thing is that you can even wear them when you’re out jogging as you won’t have to worry about cables breaking.

    Bose Quiet Comfort 20

    Fitted with Active EQ and TriPort® technology, Bose gives you excellent sound quality. It comes with an Aware mode which at the touch of a button allows you to listen to sounds around you. It offers a secure and soft fit and comes with proprietary StayHear®+ tips. Its cone shape allows maximum comfort and helps in overall noise reduction. Using the remote and microphone you can take calls or control different functions.

    The product is compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones and there’s also a version that works with Android and Samsung devices. You can access apps like Google Search or Siri which uses voice-recognition. When it comes to noise cancelling there are few headphones that can be compared with Bose so it’s a good buy if you live in a very noisy environment. The only negative factor would be the price as at $250 it is definitely more expensive than other products in the market.

    While there are other high-quality sleeping headphones in the market, these three are by far the very best.

  • Best Selling Drill Bit Sets on Amazon in 2018

    Drill bits are actually basic tools. They are made with one aim in mind – to resourcefully produce a hole into an identified material clearly and definitely. It may possibly be for the objectives of an unimportant weekend task or for constructing homes and establishments.

    Here are some of the most recommended drill bits that can normally acquire at any house enhancement marketplace. Therefore, once you arrive there, you will be very not as much of mixed up. You will recognize what you need.

    DEWALT DW1354

    DEWALT DW1354
    DEWALT DW1354

    DeWalt is a proven brand in regards to construction implements. These drill bits have a steering tip to avoid “rambling” of the drill bit. This bundle has prime, typical DeWalt hardcover. These drill bits are proposed for polyvinyl chloride, lumber, and soft steel. These drill bits have six angles and six sides rod intended to lessen the action of subsiding. This product emanates in a fourteen-piece package.

    DEWALT DW1361

    DEWALT DW1361
    DEWALT DW1361

    The Dewalt DW1361 is a twenty-one-piece bundle. All of the bits counted in the package are particularly sturdy because of its hard, silver-colored metal steering nibs. The nip of each bit begins on hold. As a result, you won’t have to be anxious about driving more energy into creating more well-ordered holes.

    Narrowing grid gives to the lengthy time of drill bits, creating them very effective in piercing into lumber and malleable. Every single bit sorts no swirl stems. The bundle consists of bits from 1/16 inches to inches. DW1361 is protected by a three-year finite guarantee.

    Neiko 10193A

    Neiko 10193A
    Neiko 10193A

    These hard, silver-colored metal covered drill bits are proposed to be utilized in metallic stores. They will awl the hole to the right scope and neaten and smooth the rough edges of the steel all at once. Even though intended for steel piece, these drill bit will bradawl by all means of steel.

    These drill bits are envisioned for the tinny metallic piece. These drill bits have six angles and six sides stem considered to decrease the action of subsiding. This product goes with a three-piece package, however, will provide ready for twenty-eight various dimensions.

    Bosch MS4091

    Bosch 91-Piece Drilling
    Bosch 91-Piece Drilling

    The MS4091 by Bosch presents an extensive assortment of bits for any execution. Bits in the set have a great sturdiness for brickwork and stonework making a hole, turning a screw and nut, opening specific holes, etc.

    Moreover, the kit consists of a nail or bolt, having the two ends alike tool for turning a screw, and a 25-1/2-inch magnetized lengthy ballpen. The equipment goes with a hard and robust cover to have your bits safe and let its effortless conveyance.

    Makita Power Drill Accessory Set

    Makita Power Drill Accessory Set
    Makita Power Drill Accessory Set

    Makita Power Drill Accessory Set (100 Pieces) is the ideal equipment bundle for Do-It-Yourself individuals. It is recommended for household utilization and not expert drill workings.

    The 100 bits of changing width measurements are only essential for daily unpredicted errands. Inside the kit are drill bits for making a hole on lumber, steel, brickwork and for an artificial thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride at an inexpensive value.

    I hope this review will help you purchase the perfect drill bits for you. These are very useful in a lot of various jobs together with steel and hard lumber. Just remember, quality is significant since you need drill bits that are sturdy and long-term.

  • If You’re Going to the U.S. Virgin Islands – You Must Visit St. Thomas

    St. Thomas
    St. Thomas

    St. Thomas is a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands and is situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is also an unincorporated territory of the U.S. and its capital is Charlotte Amalie. St. Thomas covers an area of thirty-one square miles and has a population of around fifty-one thousand residents. Notable residents from the island of St. Thomas include Midre Cummings, William Alexander Leidesdorff, Alton Augustus Adams, Denmark Vesey, Ashley Graham, Edward Wilmot Blyden, Al McBean, Hannah Davis, Rashawn Ross, Rothschild Francis, Callix Crabbe, Ralph Moses Paiewonsky, Theron Thomas, Kelsey Grammer, Rothschild Francis, Calvin Pickering, Morris Simmonds, Emile Griffith, Camille Pissarro and Elizabeth Anna Hendrickson.

    St. Thomas can trace its history back to 1500 BC., when it was occuppied by the Ciboney tribe. Over the years, the Ciboney tribe were forced out by the Arawak tribes, who in turn were force out by the Carib tribes. In 1493, Christoper Columbus found the island as he was making his way to the New World. In the mid-seventeenth century, the Dutch West India Company started a port on the island. By 1666, the Danish conquered the island and ruled the island through the Danish West India and Guinea Company. The Danes established sugar plantation which would become the major economic activity of St. Thomas. They also imported a large number of African slaves to be used as a labor force on the island.

    The Carib tribes were also pressed into sugar plantation work and eventually died off. By the nineteenth century, the sugar trade was threatened by American competition, drought and numerous hurricanes. As a result, St. Thomas began to enter into a period of decline. In 1848, slave labor was abolished and the sugar industry became even more fragile. Eventually, the United States purchased the island in the Virgin Island purchase of 1917 for twenty-five million dollars. Limited U.S. citizenship was granted to the population in 1927 and the Department of the Interior took over administrative duties on the island in 1931. In 1954, the U.S. Virgin Islands Organic Act gave the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John territorial status.

    Frenchman's Reef, St. Thomas
    Frenchman’s Reef, St. Thomas

    A popular attraction on St. Thomas is Blackbeard’s Castle. This castle is a U.S. Virgin Island’s National Historic Landmark. It was erected in 1679 by the Danish to be used as a fortification for the harbor. It is situated at the highest point of Government Hill and was originally called Gun Tower. During this time, it was occuppied by soldiers on the lookout for enemy ships. Sometime during the eighteenth century, the Danish abandoned the castle and it was believed to have been used by Blackbeard the Pirate to spot ships to plunder. Today, the castle has a small hotel named Blackbeard’s Castle Inn and has a snack bar and a pool. Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is the next popular attraction on the island.

    Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is situated two miles south of St. Thomas. It contains a rocky coastline that is bordered by beautiful coral reefs. Also located here is a lighthouse that is maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. The wildlife refuge sits on forty-five acres and is mainly composed of grassland and cacti. Its a great place to bird watch because of the large number of migratory birds that come to the area. Part of Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is called Buck Island Reef National Monument. This small uninhabited island covers an area of one hundred and seventy-six acres and is situated a mile north of St. Croix. It was established as a protected area in 1948 by the United States Government. This area is controlled by the National Park Service and the majority of its attractions is underwater. There is a forty-five hundred acre reef that attracts over fifty thousand tourists a year.

    St. Thomas
    St. Thomas

    Water Island is another prominent attraction. This island is located in the St. Thomas District and is the last island to be acquired by the United States. It covers an area of almost five hundred acres and is the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The population of the island is around one hundred and sixty residents. The key features of the island are beaches such as Honeymoon Beach, Fort Segarra and plantation ruins. Fort Segarra is a partially built underground fort that the United States started during World War II. Its original purpose was to defend the submarine port on St. Thomas, but the end of the war led to the abandonment of the project. It was briefly used after the war as a testing site for the Army’s Chemical Warfare Division, but was eventually transferred to the Interior Department. Visitors can get tours of the tunnels, underground rooms and gun placements.

    Fort Christian is a fort that was built by the Danes in the seventeenth century. It is the oldest standing building in the United States Virgin Islands and over the course of its history has served as fortification, town center, a government facility and even a prison. It currently contains the St. Thomas Museum. The museum contains art and historical objects from the seventeenth century. In 1977, Fort Christian was designated as a United States Historical Landmark.