The Three Best Sleeping Headphones of 2018

Having trouble going to sleep? Well, there’s no doubt that music can help create a calm and restful environment but very often regular headphones just don’t seem to do the job. Sleeping headphones are ideal as they’re small, comfortable and offer excellent sound quality. Let’s take a look at three of the best products currently in the market.

Bedphones Gen. 3.5

Bedphones Gen

Created by DubsLabs and priced at $59.95, Bedphones weigh in at about 3/4 of an ounce which makes them super light. Each speaker is only about 1/4” thick so it’s easy to forget you’re actually wearing one. The earhooks are adjustable as they’re made from soft rubber-coated memory wire. You can either wear the cable from the front or the back of your neck based on your comfort factor.

There’s a remote with a single button on the inline microphone which is very handy when it comes to answering calls or adjusting your music. You could also download the Bedphones mobile app on Android or iOS. It comes with a smart mode which stops the music when you fall asleep. The wired version comes in black and blue but the wireless version is available only in black. You’ll also get a durable travel case, a comfortable satin eye mask and a one year warranty.


Created by AcousticSheep and priced at $99.95, SleepPhones were designed by a physician and are known to be natural and safe. The product has a soft washable headband which encloses ultra-slim headphones that offer lead-free eco-friendly electronics. It won’t fall off your ears in the middle of the night so you’re ensured of uninterrupted sleep. The speakers offer good sound quality and can be adjusted to fit the shape of your head.

You can also pair the headphones with a Bluetooth enabled device. There are different sizes from extra small to extra large and the material is extremely lightweight and cool. The company also offers their own SheepCloud™ fleece. Even though it comes at a higher price the wireless version gives you a battery life of up to 10 to 13 hours. The great thing is that you can even wear them when you’re out jogging as you won’t have to worry about cables breaking.

Bose Quiet Comfort 20

Fitted with Active EQ and TriPort® technology, Bose gives you excellent sound quality. It comes with an Aware mode which at the touch of a button allows you to listen to sounds around you. It offers a secure and soft fit and comes with proprietary StayHear®+ tips. Its cone shape allows maximum comfort and helps in overall noise reduction. Using the remote and microphone you can take calls or control different functions.

The product is compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones and there’s also a version that works with Android and Samsung devices. You can access apps like Google Search or Siri which uses voice-recognition. When it comes to noise cancelling there are few headphones that can be compared with Bose so it’s a good buy if you live in a very noisy environment. The only negative factor would be the price as at $250 it is definitely more expensive than other products in the market.

While there are other high-quality sleeping headphones in the market, these three are by far the very best.

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