What type of window covering is best

No matter how beautiful the view outside our home is, sometimes we need to cover the windows to protect our privacy or to stop sunlight from reaching the inside of the room. There many types of window coverings so it may be difficult to choose the one right for your home because various types have various capabilities. You need to think not only about the coverings’ design but also make sure that it’s going to fit in the room you want to put them in.

Curtains and drapes

I put curtains and drapes together because they are very similar to each other save for one distinct quality. Both are made from a single piece of fabric but the drapes are lined. Drapes often use a much thicker material than curtains so they provide more shade but curtains, however, are more lightweight.

Curtains and drapes come in a variety of width, length, and colors so it shouldn’t be difficult to find ones that will much your room. They are usually sold in pairs and hang on a rod that is attached to the wall above the windows. The rod can be of simple build or decorative. You can find many accessories for drapes and windows such as rings or clasps that can be used both for decoration and to tie back the material when the window doesn’t have to stay covered all the way.


Blinds are made from narrow pieces of vinyl, aluminum, or even wood and bamboo that are hanged horizontally from a rail at the top of the window. You open them and close them by twisting the attached rod. That means that you don’t need to lift them to let in the light. If you need to open the window underneath the blinds than just pull on the cord hanging by the side.

The slats are available in different widths but the standard ones are ½ inch or 1 inch. They are called mini blinds. They can be easily installed by anyone with a drill. You just need to attach special mini blind brackets to the wall, secure the rail to the brackets, and hang the blinds. Blinds are very good at blocking out sunlight.


Shades are a type of window covering that hangs from a roller at the top. As you lift them by pulling on a special cord, the shades roll onto the roller. They come in many different styles, from simple shades consisting of one type of material to Roman-style shades that stack together when opened.

Many designs means many options to choose from so, like with curtains, it will be easy to find something to match your style. Depending on the fabric used, shades can be see-through or even so thick that they provide the blackout effect.

Also, think of the type of the room. For example, for covering bedroom windows something like heavy drapes or blinds will be better so that you can get a good night’s sleep in total darkness. Any type of window covering can serve also as decoration. Consider both the look and the usefulness before deciding to make a purchase.

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